About Us

Jarecki Valves has been an American valve manufacturer and rebuilder for over four decades, providing customers with exceptional quality, high performance metal seat ball valves, control valves, and check valves. Jarecki Valves got its start engineering and manufacturing valves for the Navy Nuclear Industry, which involved working with exotic materials and manufacturing valves for critical service.

Jarecki Valves expanded to the commercial valve market during the early 1980’s. Targeting areas such as stem leakage, body gasket leakage, performance and endurance, Jarecki Valves has developed a line of metal seated ball valves which have met every one of these goals. Not only do we support a standard product line, but we also provide services for designing valves for specific applications. Our experienced engineering staff will work one on one with customers to ensure they get the right product. We also provide exotic alloy valves, valves with hardened surfaces, valves for high temperatures and pressures, and metal seated valves with a bubble tight shut-off.

Our quality control program requires that every valve has a seat leakage test, a hydrostatic test, and a torque test performed, before it leaves the factory. Jarecki Valves is proud to be ISO 9000 Certified. This assures that when the customer receives the valve, they get what they paid for every single time. For these reasons, Jarecki Valves are trusted in some of the harshest environments.