HSV Series

The Jarecki HSV Series are severe service ball valves made from heavy walled American castings. They provide the tightest shutoff for the longest period of time in very severe applications. The HSV is designed and built to withstand temperature fluctuations, pressure surges, and abrasion better than any other valve on the market. The same seat options from the standard SV series and the 7000 series are also available for the HSV series.

6 inch Fly Ash Valve, Operating Temp. 1650 deg. F


  • The CF8M castings contain a specific ferrite content for high temperature service
  • The heavy duty body and body bolting eliminate any negative effects of piping stress. The competition uses two identical body halves with a stem ball. This requires two seals, a thin C-shaped body gasket, and a bonnet gasket. The Jarecki Valve only requires one complete flexitallic body gasket, reducing the chance of valve body leakage. A two piece ball and stem is used to minimize stem packing leakage.
  • The HSV series is available in a number of exotic alloys for a variety of different applications.