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array(51) { ["AL"]=>
string(7) "Alabama"
string(6) "Alaska"
string(7) "Arizona"
string(8) "Arkansas"
string(10) "California"
string(8) "Colorado"
string(11) "Connecticut"
string(8) "Delaware"
string(20) "District of Columbia"
string(7) "Florida"
string(7) "Georgia"
string(6) "Hawaii"
string(5) "Idaho"
string(8) "Illinois"
string(7) "Indiana"
string(4) "Iowa"
string(6) "Kansas"
string(8) "Kentucky"
string(9) "Louisiana"
string(5) "Maine"
string(8) "Maryland"
string(13) "Massachusetts"
string(8) "Michigan"
string(9) "Minnesota"
string(11) "Mississippi"
string(8) "Missouri"
string(7) "Montana"
string(8) "Nebraska"
string(6) "Nevada"
string(13) "New Hampshire"
string(10) "New Jersey"
string(10) "New Mexico"
string(8) "New York"
string(14) "North Carolina"
string(12) "North Dakota"
string(4) "Ohio"
string(8) "Oklahoma"
string(6) "Oregon"
string(12) "Pennsylvania"
string(12) "Rhode Island"
string(14) "South Carolina"
string(12) "South Dakota"
string(9) "Tennessee"
string(5) "Texas"
string(4) "Utah"
string(7) "Vermont"
string(8) "Virginia"
string(10) "Washington"
string(13) "West Virginia"
string(9) "Wisconsin"
string(7) "Wyoming"

If you see the security warning instead of the map the only thing you need to do is to allow running the active content on your computer by clicking on "Yes".
It usually happens because of the local settings of your personal computer.
It will not happen once you set the map up on your website.