Jarecki Valve Rebuilding Department

Any Style, Any Manufacturer, Any Material


The Jarecki Valve Rebuilding Department makes it a rule to bring the old valve up to its original, if not better, testing and performing standards. The quality of our work is proven at numerous power plants and pulp mills around the country. We rebuild both soft and metal seated ball, plug, butterfly, star and globe valves. We can rebuild valves from ¼” to 12”.


Jarecki Valves, possessing over 25 years experience in the nuclear valve industry expanded that expertise to the commercial valve market in the early 1980's. We manufacture a complete ball valve line, as well as rebuilding valves. We have been rebuilding valves for more than 20 years.

Customize Your Valves to Your Needs

Not only will Jarecki Valves rebuild your valve, we can also modify the valves to fit your individual needs. Our engineers will look at your service conditions and work with you to tailor the valve specifically to how you need it to perform.

If the valve you have has an unacceptable seat leakage, for example, we will rebuild the valve to better than new testing standards. We can even get a metal seated valve to test at a Class VI leakage Rate!

If your TFE seated valve is costing you more than was originally planned for, don’t buy another valve! We can convert a TFE seated valve to a metal seated valve.


All Valves are shell tested to ANSI/FCI 70-2-1976 valve testing procedure. All Valves have a seat leakage test performed per original manufacturers standards unless a higher standard is specified by the customer. Torque testing is then performed to ensure that the valve operates in “as new” condition.