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The Jarecki Advantage

  • Zero leakage available on metal seated valves now combine high performance and durability with effective sealing. This is accomplished by spherically grinding every ball to very tight tolerances, then generating the ball radius on the seat. The ball and seat set are then mate lapped together to meet the leakage requirements of the customer. Our standard leakage is class V.
  • Jarecki Valves does not typically use the integral seat design. The reason is that if the seat is damaged, it cannot be replaced. Our removable seats will test well under the most stringent of metal seated leakage tests, and they are replaceable.
  • The two body halves are bolted with a metal to metal contact to ensure that the proper compression on the body gasket is completely contained in a tongue and groove making it impossible for gasket blow-out to occur. This metal to metal contact also guarantees that the dimensions inside the valve are correct. The torque is constant, and both the body and seat seal gaskets will always have the proper compression.
  • Jarecki Valves typically use a floating ball design. This allows the ball to move with the flow media against the downstream seat. The result is a bi-directional valve with effective sealing at high as well as low pressures.
  • An oversized stem using high strength alloy is typically used on every valve. Jarecki Valves also designs the stem arrangement to be blow-out proof to ensure workman’s safety.
  • Jarecki Valves full port ball and check valves are full port. The bore matches that of pipeline offering high Cv’s less turbulent flow.
  • The packing systems are specifically designed for different applications. Our standard TFE packing system utilizes self-energizing v-packing sets. Our standard grafoil packing system is a four ring system, consisting of tow reinforced grafoil retaining rings on the ends, and two pre-compressed grafoil sealing rings in the center. The packing gland is then loaded with bellville washers to keep compression on the packing during thermal changes.
  • Every valve that leaves the plant has both a hydrostatic and seat leakage test performed on it. Also, any actuation which is mounted on the valve is tested at our facility as well. The customer is assured a good valve when it is put into service.